Finest Egyptian Cotton and Linens

From 25th November 2012, this exquisite collection of finest handloom Egyptian cottons and linens

for the home will be for sale for the first time in Dubai at The Majlis Gallery.

“My tryst with needlecraft probably began with the beautiful hand embroidered clothes I wore as a child and the fine hand embroidered linen my mother used in the colonial era plantation houses we grew up in.  Our move to Cairo, where I lived for 7 years, opened up the possibilities for me to adopt a contemporary approach to an age old tradition that is fast disappearing. I discovered and approached groups of women who could sew and crochet, but created products that were dated and banal. With my design background, I plied them with new ideas,quality thread in subtle colors and the finest handloom cotton and linen I could source to create a line of beautifully, handcrafted home linen. It took time for them to accept and adapt to the kind of quality I insisted on, but eventually they began to take pride and pleasure in each new piece that was created and thus began our relationship of many years. It also provided them with a regular source of income as I held several exhibitions for these products at elegant venues in Cairo and Alexandria. The special Egyptian handloom cotton fabric that I use is sourced from villages in the Nile Delta that have an age old tradition of weaving. The linen fabric too is from a special source in Egypt and of  the highest quality. The soft, buttery cotton handloom fabric that is used in the cross stitch pieces is woven by a weaver in Southern India who is over a century old – these are truly limited edition”

These unique handcrafted pieces are made to last and with careful use, are the kind of heirlooms to be passed on to the special people in our lives, well into the next generation. Many of these items can be made to order to fit table sizes, though consideration for the time needed is requested. I hope you derive as much pleasure using them as I have had creating them.