Anne Hudson

ahOne of Anne’s favourite references is from Rose Slivka who states that the object is the poet. Anne firmly believes that a good object can sing, speak or give rise to narrative, ideas and concepts. The vessel is an abstract form in that it is a skin for nothing with a limitless potential to express meaning. Vessels are an integral part of our existence from womb, breast, cup to coffin and as such need our respect and reverence.

For this exhibition Anne has made three bodies of work:

Precious Earth:   A visit to Antarctica made me aware of not only the awesome beauty but also the vulnerability of our planet. These vessels are made from porcelain, itself a precious material that reflects that fragility. The blue exterior glaze contrasts beautifully with the stark white and purity of the interior with the broken edge offering the horizon of an abstract landscape.

Rare Earth: This group of vessels has been thrown on the wheel using porcelain and then altered to give the static shape a sense of movement. The glaze has been coloured using rare earth elements that allow for the beautiful translucent pastels on these vessels. The elements have the fascinating names of erbium creating the pink, neodymium that produce violet and praseodymium which produce a citrus colour. When she make these bowls she is reminded that like those basic elements we are just star dust combined together to create beauty.

Memory Traces: This group of vessels relates to her pleasant memories of  life in Dubai. The inserted screen printed patterns are of Arabic origin and remind her of many visits to The Majlis Gallery. The vessels have been thrown on the wheel in porcelain, then cut and the screen printed sections added. When completed the disturbed forms are reminiscent of the edge of a sand dune or the sail of a dhow.  She feels  fortunate to have travelled a great deal as all experiences add to our aesthetic sense and its expression.

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