Abdallah Akar

Ab-AKAR-portraitAbdallah Akar was born in Tunisia. He arrived in France in the late 1960’s to study Science at Paris V11 University but

it was after meeting Iraki Ghani Alain in 1980 which cemented his passion for calligraphy.

In 1986, he had his first public exhibition of contemporary works. In subsequent years he has held numerous solo

and group exhibitions, lectures and courses. During the early 2000s, he completed an Installation: 16 textiles richly

decorated with calligraphy, a tribute to the Pre-Islamic poetry, followed in 2007 by a publication of Poèmes Suspendus

(Muallaq’at) edited in both languages, French and Arabic.

Abdallah Akar is always searching for a renewed rendition of the calligraphic language, exploring mediums such as

fabric, canvas, wood and even glass. He shows his work extensively in Europe and is a well known artist on the Middle

Eastern contemporary art scene.