Celebration in Colour

Paul Wadsworth

We are celebrating summer with a collection of Paul’s very colourful Large Paintings Paul has exhibited with us for over 20 years, his energetic paintings talk to your soul. They are crying out for big walls and dynamic interiors. If you love colour this collection is for you. This Celebration in Colour opens on Saturday 25th of May 10am – 6pm

Evening Mosque 85 x 185 20,000 Dirhams

For Paul, painting is just as much concerned with the physical and sensuous properties of the paint itself as it is with expressing a personal response to things felt and seen. Inspired by the coast and landscape of Cornwall and the landscapes and cultures of the Middle East and India, his work is essentially about capturing moments, feelings and emotions rather than meticulously depicting a particular view of a place. In order to respond and create in this way, he prefers to complete as much of the painting as possible on site, where he is surrounded by the elements that consistently motivate and energize his work