Lynette Ten Krooden

Lynette Ten Krooden is often categorised as a “landscape artist.” This narrow definition, of this well-travelled and scholarly artist is perhaps too restrictive.

Lynette’s works penetrate deeper than mere representations of landscape and become vehicles for her exploration of symbols and spiritual dwellings with a metaphysical quality. Twenty-five years of travel and research into fossil life, ancient civilisations, their petroglyphs and cultures has resulted in Lynette forming a universal mythology which she utilizes as a forum for discourse. Within this context, she often explores microscopic and macroscopic aspects of nature as a reflection of human communication with the earth, with each other and with their gods.

The artist’s footprints stretch over the patterned lava rock of the Karoo to Petra and the Jordanian desert; Timbucto in Mali up to the Sahara desert and many more magical destinations.

The exquisite use of textures, layers and a unique gold-leaf process forms a cohesive visual vocabulary that elevates her paintings to visual feasts of spiritual manifestations. Multiple layering of rich colours, overlaid in some instances with sharp graphic line work, add a depth to her paintings which is uniquely her own.

Upon first glance, Lynette’s canvases provide a feeling of vast, expectant stillness. Further examination reveals a varied and intense landscape promoting dreams and spiritual flights of imagination. This unassuming painter bares soul and intellect with a technical finesse that has justifiably earned her position as an internationally sought after artist.

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