Stephen E Meakin

Stephen E. Meakin (b1966). Geometer, Architect, Artist and Antiquarian leads the field in Sacred Geometry as Mandala painting through the shear depth and breadth of his research. After studying Design at Bournemouth in the late 80’s he went on to travel some of the worlds Sacred Sites only to return to school to read Architecture and Interior Design at The University of Brighton. His research led him away from modern trends in design towards the megalithic temples of the ancients and traditional ornamentation. This inspired him to manifest some beautiful paintings combining traditional Islamic geometrical patterns with Celtic knot-work. In 2002 he left the world of commercial architecture to read Fine Art for his Masters degree and he has recently been offered a place at The Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture in London to read a PhD in Visual Islamic & Traditional Art being tutored by the worlds finest geometers.

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