Sylvia Woodcock Clarke

A native of Scotland with a home in Cyprus and a strong affinity with the Middle East, Sylvia delights in capturing the extraordinary actions of ordinary people.

A very serious painter who strongly believes that art need not always be about serious subjects. She has an incredible capacity for visual recall, with a mind like a sketch book, full of moments witnessed and experienced, drawings and paintings flow in her bold fluid style, a product of years of working at her craft.

There are of course also many many actual sketch books full to the brim with anecdotal drawings, young girls in a café, shisha smokers , a crowd watching cricket on a shop window TV, a dad at the zoo with his young children, nothing is too mundane or prosaic.

An avid fisherman and story teller Sylvia is delightful company, her streetwise philosophy as entertaining as her paintings her company never dull. Her paintings are definitely in the collectable category with her Middle Eastern and allegorical pieces much sought after.

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