Nitin Dadrawala

These days art galleries in Dubai are being inundated with artists from all over the world wishing to become part of the “Art Boom.” We are often asked how we choose who and what we show. Mainly the answer is that the work chooses us. It either comes from artists with whom we have built a long association over many years, occasionally it comes from a new one with something so special we want to share it with our clients. Nitin Dadrawala is one such artist.

In this age of race and pace art helps to ground us, remind us of the quieter stiller moments, show us that human energy need not be solely directed towards commerce and materialism, encourage us to see beyond the everyday, to the truth and beauty of that eternal phrase “less is more”.

Nitin has not courted “the market” preferring to immerse himself in the process of subconscious observation. A process he likens to looking into the depths of the sea from the deck of a ship. His paintings and works on paper have an infinity, a quality of Zen that can take you to your own special place, may be abstract maybe real, a place of peace and natural order. Something we all need in our lives.

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