Abdul Qader Al Rais

It was not as an artist that Alison met Abdul Qader but as a rather shy, soft spoken  meticulous “official” at the Ministry of Labour who in 1976 inspected her first application for residency in the UAE. A small biro sketch on a pad at his side was a clue to his other life, one that would lead to our paths intertwining over the ensuing 35 years.

Can you imagine the Arab World without Abdul Qader Al Rais ? His creativity dedication and sheer talent are a visual testament to the values, aspirations and achievements of a man and a nation.

So much has been written about his life and his work, work that doesn’t ask or need to be analysed, critical appraisal is inappropriate. All that is needed is a complete immersion into the poetic quality of his paintings, paintings richly full of honesty, integrity, tension and passion. True investments that reward at every level.

The Majlis Gallery is honoured to be associated with Abdul Qader, working with him is a delight. As we got to know him we came to appreciate his wonderful sense of fun and whimsy. His eyes twinkle with a joy of life, his hands move in descriptive arcs even when not holding a brush. He is the ultimate family man who cherishes those close to him. He loves his farm and giving guests incredible juices made from the fruit it produces.  He is always delighted to talk with people about his  life, thoughts, and work but most conversations finish with a small shrug of self depreciation and a comment of   “ there we are “

A man who is a master of his craft though he won’t admit it, this sums up the man and the artist.

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