Artist in Residence


A fundamental element of The Majlis Gallery has always been our “Artist In Residence” programme. Over the years literally hundreds of creative people have based themselves in our almost monastic artist’s room whilst they explore, absorb and record the visual world of this corner of Arabia. Many of them conducting workshops during their stay.

The tradition of the painter traveler goes back hundreds of years coming to its zenith in the Middle East with the journeys made by the great 18th and 19th century artists whose work is now known collectively as The Orientalist Movement.

We like to feel that our painters are The New Orientalists and that the work that has resulted from their travels will become as collectible as their predecessors, some already have.  Julian Barrow, Tom Cross and Tony Onley have all proven to be good investments

Joining us over the next 2 months are;

John R Harris, June Bartlett and David Paskett.



IMG_2801John Harris fresh from his Oman Sketching trip.

He visited Nizwa (Bahla Fort and Wadi Tanuf) Sur and Muscat. He is now back at the gallery and working on some fabulous large scale watercolours.IMG_2807-1












David Paskett in the gallery courtyard.