“Oman,The Big View” A collection of superb water colours by John R Harris

“Oman,The Big View” A new collection of large scale watercolours by John R Harris

John has been a friend and stalwart of The Majlis Gallery for nearly 25 years. Years in which he has explored and painted the remotest parts of Oman and the UAE.

John’s year started in Oman, revisiting old haunts, with his sketchbook, gathering material for fresh paintings.His journey in Oman took him to Nizwa,Bahla,Ar Rawdah,Wadi Tanuf to Al Far,Sumail gap to Bid Bid ,Mutrah,Wadi Arbeieen,Quriyat,the coast of Sur to the boatyards of Kor,Wadi Tiwi,Wadi AshShab,Nakhal Fort to Wadi Abayad,Bani Kharous to Al Alya, then Rustaq and back across Al Bithna plain into Sohar returning to Dubai Via Hatta.

Yes a lot of miles in a week but an e-mail home described “Seeing Oman at it’s best”. The paintings John has been working on since, certainly reflect John’s love of the atmosphere and scale of the landscape there. Some images measuring 5′ x 3′ – yes, in watercolour

His new collection is stunning. The sheer scale of these watercolours do justice not only to the landscape itself but also to Johns mastery of a classic medium that still enthralls.

On our walls now but we can predict not for long