We have gone Dotty & 25 Squared our 25th Anniversary Exhibition

We Are Still Dotty …

This November sees us celebrating our 25th anniversary as you can imagine we need a lot of wall and floor space for a very big exhibition so a lot of our old stock needs to find new homes


Come to the gallery and look for the dots Red = 50%, Blue = 30% and Green = 15% off many works  from many of your favorite artists including,

Lynette ten Krooden, John R Harris, Paul Wadsworth, Dean Williams

Trevor Waugh, Nitin Dadrawallah,Sophie Walbeoffe, Sylvia Woodcock Clarke and on all our lovely

Soft Furnishings from France


The Majlis Gallery is Celebrating 25 years as

The first and foremost “peoples” Fine Art Gallery in the UAE

with an Exhibition entitled

25 Squared

A collective Exhibition and Installation of works from over 40 artists

all of whom we have represented over the years.

The grand opening is on Saturday November 1st 2014.


image001during The Holy Month of Ramadan.
We look forward to welcoming you here.