Mimouni El Houssaine

My painting could be compared to archaeology, a passion for rediscovering the lost object, a universe of forms , signs, traces and memories.  These are places of inspiration, or graphic breaths, of simple forms, of rapid writing, of the exploration of exterior and interior spaces. My quest draws on memories, recollections of forms, tangled curves, nervous quick lines that are never shown in a static position, but a caught in full movement. This archaeology of materials is often found in my paintings. Here. besides the traces and gestures and signs, many intimate objects linked to my childhood abound.

The different modes of expression- drawing, painting and engraving – reflect my inquisitive mind. Paintings on reused papers are a vital and essential element of my work, perhaps because of their fragility. This is embodies in the action of the paper itself which can add a playful element to the painting, expanding its freedom through movement, making it breathe. The brittleness of the puddled clay architecture of Taroudant,my birthplace in Morocco, these walls where time has left its trace, and the monochromy bound to this soil,its wrench, all this maintain the deep affinity that I feel for its architecture, signs and pottery.

Constantly prodded by an urgent need to paint which drives me to the point of exhaustion, I want to transcribe my inner hustle and bustle.

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