Mohammed Dib Masri

Mohammed’s work is fundamentally a celebration of the human figure. Some recline, gaze, dance, others discourse, stroll, exchange information. All have a whimsical quality, and suggest conversations and situations in process.

Each painting is a title which provides a platform from which the viewer can begin their journey of exploration: ‘Companions’, ‘Hesitation’, ‘Young Love’, ‘Dreaming’, ‘A Fresh Complaint’, ‘Shared Life’, ‘Going Home’, ‘The Enthusiast’, are just some of the works which Mohammed has painted to portray the enormous versatility of the human figure, and how it can be used to convey emotions, passions, impressions.

Mohammed’s work is rich with memory. In general terms, it conveys a sense of life’s journey, and on a more personal level it tells of his emergence from his childhood in Syria to adulthood in Saudi Arabia. He says:

“The child that came from the city of Hama, with its detached stony houses, narrow alleys, scent of jasmine and music from the water wheel, still lives within me. I still see the light and hues of my country, as they mutate through the seasons, defining time through colour, sound and taste.”

The artist finds himself continuously inspired by man as he conducts his life – his naivety, simplicity, daily concerns, and frequent pleasures. The result is paintings which are evocative, nostalgic and unapologetically romantic.

For many of his formative years, Mohammed explored different artistic techniques and mediums, although recently he has concentrated on painting with traditional oils and watercolours.

The artist was born in 1942 and graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Damascus. Mohammed has exhibited extensively, both in group and solo exhibitions, and has participated regularly in the annual exhibition at the National Museum in Damascus.

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