Jamal Abdul Rahim

Born in Bahrain in 1965, Jamal Abdul Rahim has notched up an impressive portfolio of exhibitions, (Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Holland, Japan, Slovenia, Spain, France and the UAE to name a few.

Originally a Fisherman, Jamal always knew he was also an artist. His totally untutored journey into the creative world allowed him the freedom to experiment, discover and on occasions stretch the boundaries of conventional image making. It was the world of printmaking that first engaged him, his delight of feeling his way through the process coupled with his research through the history of art leading to some stunning large works taking a well-known figure or image, for instance the Mona Lisa or the Statue of David, and then personalizing it with colour and texture and often symbols of the Middle Eastern culture, Miro also a prevailing influence. Black and white surfaces are dashed, splashed or stroked with colour. Simplistic sun imagery lies alongside squirls and waves which overlay photo etchings. Poetry and music also fascinate him.

Jamal’s modern touch, which is often applied in a seemingly random fashion, is only found in the most confident of artists. He is a master of the print-making process but a fine painter and draftsman too, often presenting a series of etchings or paintings in highly original book form. More recently he has begun working in three dimensions, a medium that appeals to this physical but deep thinking artist who is fast becoming recognized as an important player in the Middle Eastern art world.

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