Louis Jansen Van Vuuren

Louis-Pub-ImageLouis Jansen van Vuuren is a world renowned artist that has exhibited extensively in major cities around the globe, including Londen, Paris, New York, Sydney, Miami, Washington, Monte Carlo, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This is his first solo exhibition in Dubai.

While exploring his familiar themes of interior/exterior views through a window, often focusing on exotic architecture and foreign destinations to which he has travelled, Jansen van Vuuren turns his attention in this exhibition to the subject of the enchanted garden, contrasting the visually evocative elements of Ottoman patternmaking with images of fragrant flowers and exotic ripe fruit.

While Jansen van Vuuren usually focuses on pastel work in his exhibitions, this solo will include a number of oils. Several of the pieces are executed on a gesso-ground which gives the works an ancient fresco-like quality.

“I paint because I have no other choice, it is part of my vocabulary, and it is part of my language as a communicating being. I paint to describe what I see and what I feel and what I think about. Art and life are intimately linked. Inseparable.”
– Louis Jansen van Vuuren

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