Noureddine Daifallah

Noureddine Daifallah was born in 1960 in Marrakech, Morocco where he still works and lives. Daifallah studied at the Marrakech School of Arts as a sculptor however painting was his passion.

Daifallah works with traditional Arabic Calligraphy, with a contemporary interpretation, thus breathing new life into the noble artform of calligraphy. His unique approach through playing with letter formation, expresses a beautiful contrast to his intricate handwriting, thus evoking emotion and beauty from the Arabic script. Arabic calligraphy has a long history with the calligrapher being held in high status within the community, Daifallah has modernised this age old tradition opening a new chapter.

Daifallah’s first exhibition was when he was 17 and since his works have been exhibited in his homeland of Morocco and throughout Europe. His works have  been acquired  by such institutions as the Sharjah Art Museum in UAE, the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Museum of Marrakech. He is currently a Professor of Fine Arts