Faces – Nitin Dadrawala

From May 5th thru June 30th, 2012.

An Exhibition of recent works by Nitin Dadrawala.

Drawing is another way of thinking. Drawing is some kind of notation. There is no correct way of drawing a line. Richard Serra

I use line and another line and another line and  built up  an image which comes from within rather than a representation of something or somebody. It is something like reinventing face again and again.  A face that has lost its voice.  It is speechless. Its lips are stitched.  There is freedom to survive but no freedom to speak.  You cannot share your pain, sorrow.  Fascism is growing slowly. Somebody is controlling our every aspect of personal life. There is subordination of the individuals. Ruled by the mob where this face is helpless.  These faces are in an unquestioning state. Every face is suffering from suppression. This face sometimes cries. Tears pass silently though its eyes.  As least they have freedom to cry. Faces are stunned by reality. They are shocked. This face becomes universal representive of suffering individuals. Sometimes this face needs more eyes to cry or to show the pain. Just a pair of eyes is not enough. Faces are having a hard time everywhere. They represent global suffering. Horror of terrorism is seen on the face and the helplessness too.  Helpless faces standing quietly in the collapsing system. They find it difficult to cope with the present.  Faces abandoned. There is destruction in the construction of the face. My drawing process is like searching something or some expression which suprises me.  There is desctruction of face in this process, at the same time it is a creation and a never ending search. The force of lines I drew gradually evolved with the development of each face.  Thus each face is a discovery to me. The contribution of lines becomes complex, as complex as life.  There is no sign of liberation. The experience was like, with each drawing, I am travelling underneath the layer of a face.  Making these drawings is something like communicating some pain. These drawings are trying to evoke very strong emotions through very strong lines.