QiDe Jewellery by Leylan Savasman

We are delighted to be selling QiDe Jewellery by Leylan Savasman

QiDe Jewellery is a seductive design journey through Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, Cambodia and on the Savannahs of Africa, back through Italy and Germany ending up in the heart of Istanbul. An elegant eclectic, modern picture reflected in the abundance of silver, natural stones and elements of the earth found all over the world by Leylan Savasman herself over the many years of her far flung travels.

Born on the same shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, German-Turkish designer Leylan Savasman’s artistic journey is self-directed.  She spent her childhood immersed in Renaissance art and architecture and studied jewellery making, Gemmology in Germany and art history in the U.S.

Leylan exhibits in Germany, France, South Africa, Bahrain and Dubai in galleries and shops specialized in striking, unique and handcrafted jewellery.

QiDe Jewellery is exclusively sold in Dubai in The Majlis Gallery.