Microcosms within the Macrocosm by Lynette Ten Krooden

From 25th February – 25th March 2012.

Elements of the Bigger Picture – An exhibition of works by Lynette Ten Krooden

Working with Lynette Ten Krooden is a constant journey of discovery. Her total commitment to delving beneath the surface of our fragile earth, Gaia, the Terra Firma, is the focus of her new exhibition:

Microcosms within the Macrocosm – Elements of a Bigger Picture.

Fossils, migrating jellyfish, rock structures, mineral deposits, the night sky, endangered species, in fact all things elemental, are the jumping off point for this stunning exhibition of large almost overwhelming canvases.

In her words:

To understand my work, I need to take you on a personal journey.

Often I am categorized as a ‘landscape artist.’  This narrow definition is perhaps too restrictive if you consider the different influences on my work. The metaphysical quality of my paintings derives directly from my many years of traveling and being a scholar.

People know my work from the use of textures, layers and a unique gold-leaf process.

With multiple layering of rich colours, overlaid in some instances with sharp graphic line work I strive to add a unique depth to my paintings.

Gold-leaf, which I sometimes use in abundance, comes from the depth of the earth and we sometimes forget that it is one of the purest minerals available to man.  I hope my work reveals my role as an agent of change, a visual communicator of  the responsibilities of mankind.