The School Of Paris -12th, March – 28th, April

From 1900 until about 1940, Paris was a thriving center of artistic activity that provided unparalleled conditions for the exchange of creative ideas. A wave of artists of all nationalities gravitated to the French capital and fostered an inspiring climate of imaginative cross-creativity. Because of the enormous influx of non-French artists living and working in Paris, a loosely defined affiliation developed referred to as the School of Paris. The international activity associated with this group in Paris was initially concentrated in Montmartre but subsequently moved to Montparnasse in the early 1910s. Focusing on conventional subjects such as portraiture, figure studies, landscapes, cityscapes, and still lifes, artists of the School of Paris employed a diversity of styles and techniques including the bold, dynamic colors of Fauvism the revolutionary methods of Cubism the animated qualities of Expressionism, and the private worlds of Surrealism.  Amongst these artists were Picasso, Braque, Miro, Matisse, Chagall and Dali. The War years of 1939-45 saw many of them moving to America and England  where they continued to influence the next generation of radical artists such as Bacon and Litchenstein

This exciting exhibition curated by Niall and Christina Fairhead features 51 Original works from all the major School of Paris Artists. All works are for sale and guaranteed genuine

Download – The School of Paris Catalogue