“Recollections” is a unique exploration of the natural and cultural landscapes of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, as depicted by watercolour masters John Harris and Trevor Waugh. For over 30 years, these esteemed artists have been integral members of the Majlis Gallery family, and their deep connection to the region is expressed through their powerful works.

John Harris is able to transport you to the serene beauty of landscapes across the UAE and Oman. His meticulous brushstrokes capture the subtle play of light on mountains, the vibrancy and tranquility of winding wadis, and the enchanting allure of coastal vistas. Harris’s dedication to capturing the essence of the natural world unfolds across every canvas and has led to the creation of striking landscapes that transcend time.

Trevor Waugh, a seasoned artist known for his multifaceted perspectives, skilfully captures the essence of the region. From the dynamic interplay of old and new Dubai to the timeless elegance of camels and horses, Waugh’s canvases offer a nuanced exploration of the cultural and natural diversity of the UAE.

“Recollections” is a poetic merging of two distinct artistic voices, each echoing the beauty and spirit of the Arabian landscapes. Join us between March 1st and March 31st 2024 to revel in the brand new works of John Harris and Trevor Waugh.

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