Rock Sand and Sea, New works by John R Harris

From Saturday 10th of February from 10am – 6pm the exhibition will run until Thursday March 8th.

John has been painting in the UAE for nearly 30 years He has an inate knowledge of and love for the landscape. His watercolours immediately transport you to the very spot from which he made his original observations and sketches.
Alison often describes John as an artist who can capture 5 Kilometres in just 5 centimetres. His work, understandably’ takes pride of place in many personal and corporate collections.

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New Romance in Dubai’s Bastakiya Quarter

A Meeting Of Hearts & Minds (click here to read full article)

The Majlis Gallery is unarguably the cornerstone of the affair that’s blossomed between Bastakiya and art. A labor of love that dates back to 1978, the gallery began life as expat Alison Collins’ family home, slowly opening its doors to a motley crew of creative acquaintances, amateur artists and professional painters. Living up to its Arabic name, the gallery soon became a relaxed meeting place for artists and art lovers. The fabled Villa Number 19 could well be credited with laying the seeds for an artistic journey in this city, one that today manifests itself in such headline-grabbing projects as Art Dubai.

Majlis is home to a fascinating array of media with collections ranging from acrylics and calligraphy to lithography, photography, sculptures and of course, paintings. A much-coveted affair, the gallery’s Artist In Residence program has allowed global artisans to stay, live, breathe and create while being immersed in the potent flavors of Arabia from this unique vantage point. Over the years, the Majlis has done exceptionally well in bringing over artists of international standing, showcasing some exceptional works from the likes of Emily Gordon, Morteza Darehbaghi, Nitin Dadrawala and Sacha Jafri.


The Hot Season has to bring some compensations.

Here at The Majlis Gallery its the time of year that we have bargains in our


Art Shack

Our main gallery is full to bursting with work from all of our key artists with every piece at


By their very nature artists are creators, never thinking of the end product let alone selling it. This is where galleries come in.

A bi product of all this creativity is a lot of stock that is by no means sub standard it merely means it hasn’t found a new home yet. Artists, like all of us can get hungry sometimes, being fairly sensible creatures they agree to lower the price tag on their work.

Everyone loves a bargain and we can guarantee that bargains abound in our Art Shack. Hours of browsing through the “Stack in the Shack” await.

As does a cooling glass of lemonade in our shady courtyard

Autumn 2016 Workshops

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CHALK PAINTTM  decorative paint by Annie products that can save you a fortune with our courses giving you skills for a lifetime.

You can transform old furniture, walls, floors, and even fabrics in your own style in no time at all.

Hosted by our fully trained Annie Sloan specialist Shivani Jadeja courses and timings can be arranged to suit you. Bring 3 friends along and your place is free. We stock all the products and the books so you can leave your course ready for action

Techniques One          450 Dhms  [An introduction to the Annie Sloan Method]

Techniques Two          500 Dhms  [Including gilding, decoupage and many other special finishes]

For bookings telephone 04 3536233

for full information on all of the products visit


Water Colour Painting with Trevor Waugh 








November 12th 13th and 14th

10 am – 4pm

650 Dirhams per day including a light lunch. Book by phone or by e mail

Trevor has had a long association with The Majlis Gallery and is reknown for his ability and love of sharing his vast wealth and knowledge of painting and drawing.

His courses are great fun and full of information for students at every level.

You can get a taste of his humour and style by watching one of his many You Tube videos but there really is no better way to learn from him than joining him at The Majlis Gallery.

The Golden Year

“…A landscape is the spiritual memory of a place for her. She says she can listen to the echoes of ancient places and can hear the hidden stories they tell. Since she is a painter and not a storyteller, she puts the stories in paint.

There is a trance-like quality to them. Ten Krooden is a séance, a medium through which the spirit of a place speaks to us. Her paintings are vehicles that explore the vastness of landscapes and tell us of their hidden magic and the meaning of rain, rocks and sands…..

…As one writer has pointed out, “her works are poetic, primitive and often magical, reminding the spectator of humanity’s earliest experience of a dangerous and wonderful world. She uses signs reminiscent of Bushmen drawings and ancient Egyptian writing, against backgrounds influenced by European genres like abstract expressionism. Her colours are deep and dark, enhancing the feeling of obscurity, primeval chaos and magic…

So to describe her as a “landscape artist” does not do justice to her metier It will be too narrow a definition and restrictive when applied to this scholarly and well-traveled artist. Her paintings, with their multiple layerings, of rich colours, a unique gold-leaf process and sharp graphic line work, are nothing less than visual feasts of spiritual manifestations.

At first look, they are vast and, seemingly still. But a closer look reveals details that are varied and intense. Embedded fossils, slush from a golden rain, amber coloured rocks, reflections in a calm sea, a gathering nightfall, doors that show mysterious messages, stone waves in the rock formations of ancient Petra, the dignity of a place of worship atop a hill, a deserted beach in Dubai, white spring flowers near Hatta that flaunt their beauty outrageously, the magic of the Mussandam peninsula or a Slow dawn in the mist – are filled with exquisite details that elevate her paintings from the mundane to the spiritual…”

Click Here – Full Portfolio

Muhammad Yusuf

“What Lynette did with this exhibition is to stand back to take a deep breath and to respire this breathing back into her work.  She surely did not betray her own artistic yearnings since all the works here, even the light and sensitive drawings (which Lynette has for the first time put on an exhibition) retain the same atmosphere of mystery and wonder.  By giving breath to her work – and at the same time giving us the feeling of breathing – her works, in the words of James Douglas, acquire the quality of a reverie of suspended thought.  Or, to use the words of May Sarton, the works become felt presences.

Indeed, Lynette, your work displayed here tonight, carries a splendid message, namely that even the most accomplished artist such as you are, must constantly take a deep breath and in a sense re-invent his or her art.  I am sure with your spirit and artist mind filled with so much air and the renewed freshness of breathing, you are ready to climb the next high mountain of artistic achievement.  “

Prof Marinus Wiechers

It is many moons later and the quest is still the same, perhaps looking deeper into the essence of our the hidden ,living, breathing landscape.

WATER  as a theme has become AQUIFERS as luminescent, magical spaces, imbedded in the rock. Spaces where gold as the purest metal is formed, where water leaves behind  opals and crystals.Jewelboxes and fossils finds. Life-giving  aquifers  that is constantly threatened by the exploits of mankind.

INDIGO, the colour Titles like TIMELINES,MIRAGE,FIRE STONE,PRIMAL DELTA are some of the revisited and new stories.


“SHORELINES” maps the geological eroding and transformation of our shorelines.


My paintings try to capture the metaphysical beauty of sea, sand, stones,fossils and earth.The geological eroding and transformations of our Living Earth.



Botanical Watercolours with Susan Thomson

With the cooler months ahead of us we have planned

some wonderful workshops


Botanical Watercolours with Susan Thomson

Suitable for all abilities as tuition is on a one to one basis

Saturday and Sunday

February 21st. 22nd. 28th and 1st March

Tuesday and Wednesday.

February 24th and 25th

10 am – 1pm All materials provided

Dhms 350 per session


Chalk PaintTM Decorative Paint By Annie Sloan

These amazing paints and waxes can be applied to so many different

surfaces in so many different ways, producing unique finishes and effects

that can transform the dullest piece of furniture into a thing of beauty.

Saturday courses are aimed at taking students through the basic techniques

of applying Chalk Paint to various surfaces, producing textures,

and the effects than can be achieved with dark and light wax.

Sunday courses build on these basic techniques and introduce students

to the use of Annie Sloane gilding methods, decoupage and stencilling.

Whilst there are some recommended ways to use Annie Sloan products,

it is very much up to the individual to develop their own signature and creativity.

If we have enough interest we can run this course on a Saturday afternoon 2.30 – 5.30 pm

Saturday Dates

January 31st.

February 14th.

March 7th. March 21st.

April 18th

Sunday Dates

February 1st February 15th.

March 8th March 22nd.

April 19th

10 am – 1 pm all materials provided 450 Dirhams per session.


To book a course simply e mail or phone us through the links below

We also have good stocks of

Chalk PaintTM Decorative Paint By Annie Sloan

4 tel +9714 3536233

We are supported by


This Season’s Programme


Uday Bhanu
“Hues And Barks”
Opening Saturday October 23rd
Lynette Ten Krooden
“The Golden Year”
Opens on 5th of December



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The Art of Sculpture

Our feature show  during 2015 Art Season opens on March 14th  and  brings together 10 world class sculptors working in bronze marble stone wood glass and acrylic.