“Recollections” is a unique exploration of the natural and cultural landscapes of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, as depicted by watercolour masters John Harris and Trevor Waugh. For over 30 years, these esteemed artists have been integral members of the Majlis Gallery family, and their deep connection to the region is expressed through their powerful works.

John Harris is able to transport you to the serene beauty of landscapes across the UAE and Oman. His meticulous brushstrokes capture the subtle play of light on mountains, the vibrancy and tranquility of winding wadis, and the enchanting allure of coastal vistas. Harris’s dedication to capturing the essence of the natural world unfolds across every canvas and has led to the creation of striking landscapes that transcend time.

Trevor Waugh, a seasoned artist known for his multifaceted perspectives, skilfully captures the essence of the region. From the dynamic interplay of old and new Dubai to the timeless elegance of camels and horses, Waugh’s canvases offer a nuanced exploration of the cultural and natural diversity of the UAE.

“Recollections” is a poetic merging of two distinct artistic voices, each echoing the beauty and spirit of the Arabian landscapes. Join us between March 1st and March 31st 2024 to revel in the brand new works of John Harris and Trevor Waugh.

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Esma Stasiak


Mona Al Khaja

Mona Al Khaja is a visual artist whose work is known for its Islamic patterns, Arabic calligraphy and natural elements. She explores social issues and the struggles present in modern society through painting and multimedia. Al Khaja’s work has been shown in several solo exhibitions, including Observe + Absorb, Majlis Gallery, Dubai (2019);Melodies of the East, Sharjah University (2019); Colors, Dubai Women’s College (2019); Chromatic Horizons, Sharjah University (2015); Salutation and Endearment, Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association (2015); and Pearls, Honar Gallery, Dubai (2010). Al Khaja has additionally participated in the Sharjah Biennial, Art Dubai and has presented at Art Abu Dhabi. Mona Al Khaja has participated in a range of local and international group exhibitions, including shows at the Sharjah Art Museum, K Gallery in Dubai, the Embassy of Mexico in Abu Dhabi, and the Abu Dhabi Art exhibition, among others, over the years .Al Khaja has received numerous awards, including the Al Owais Award, Dubai (2019 and 2004); and L’Officiel Arab Women Award, Dubai (2010). Al Khaja also participated in the Fujairah International Arts Festival Residency in 2018.She holds a BFA from Helwan University, Cairo (1981). She is a member of the Emirates Association of Fine Arts and the Committee for the Creation of the Curriculum of Art Education in the UAE. Born in 1958 in Sharjah, Al Khaja currently lives and works in Dubai

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Ode to the Nation

The Majlis Gallery, a steadfast bastion of art and culture in Dubai, is proud to present “Ode to the Nation: A Celebration of Local Talents.” This momentous exhibition joyously highlights the incredible artistic talents of Emirati creatives, showcasing their boundless creativity and deep connection to the country. In a country that has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in a relatively short span of time, this exhibition serves as a vibrant celebration of the thriving artistic spirit that enriches the UAE’s cultural landscape. Through the creative expressions of local Emirati artists, we embark on a visual journey that traverses time, encapsulating the soul and spirit of the nation. “Ode to the Nation” showcases a diverse array of artistic interpretations, each a testament to the artists’ profound connection to their homeland. It’s an exploration of the present and the aspirations for the future, as seen through the eyes and hands of those who call the UAE their creative muse .Through an array of mediums and styles, this exhibition invites you to delve into Emirati artistry, where tradition and innovation harmonize, and where the spirit of the nation is woven into the very fabric of the artworks on display. We invite you to experience the depth and diversity of Emirati artistry, and join us in celebrating the remarkable talents of our local artists, whose creations shape the vibrant cultural landscape of the UAE. “Ode to the Nation” is not just an art exhibition; it’s a celebration and a visual narrative of the boundless creativity within this nation.

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Collection of Contemporary Art

We have some superb work from Astrid Harrison, Alan Halliday, Jenny Croxford, John Harris, Jamal Abdul Rahim, Khaled Al Saai, Lynette ten Krooden Paul Wadsworth and Trevor Waugh to name a few Our stock of Ceramics, Candles, Glass, Limited edition Prints and Furniture is further discounted, great solutions to early festive shopping

Alison is also selling some of her personal collection including this very early Julian Barrow Oil of Deira Souk painted in 1986.

We are still hopeful that someone will be mad and brave enough to give the gallery a new life but for now we are happy to be moving on feeling that we have fulfilled our original mandate of

Providing a meeting place for Artists and Lovers of Art We really do look forward to welcoming you one more time to The Majlis Gallery

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While we’re not able to visit our wonderful galleries and museums, let the experts bring the learning journey to your home instead! Meet Rose Balston, Art historian and founder of Artscapes UK, a cultural tour company dedicated to enriching lives through education and exploration of the world of art. With a Masters in Art History and 13 years of lecturing, Rose is passionate and engaging; a regular presenter for SkyArts and the BBC, the perfect guide to demystify art for people of all ages. Through these free video talks, Artscapes Home will deliver the best of London’s art and culture straight to you, to inspire, enlighten and lift your spirits. Stay tuned and stay connected with these superb arts and culture talks.

Introducing Artscapes Home

Noli me tangere – Titian

The Deposition from the Cross – Pontormo
Blenheim Palace

Get painting and keep smiling.

Dear everyone we thought that these 4 videos by our very good friend and much loved artist Trevor Waugh would help to fill your days with creativity. Please e-mail us on with photos of your paintings as with your permission we would like to post them on our web site. It’s not a competition but  every week we have a Trevor Waugh signed limited edition print to give to the 3 best efforts. Get your kids painting too.

Watercolour Camels by Trevor Waugh

How to Paint Figures in Watercolour Part 2 Trevor Waugh

Trevor Waugh Oriental Watercolours 2015

Watercolour : From Sketch to Painting

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40 Years On

An Exhibition that celebrates 40 years of The Majlis Gallery’s active role in the cultural development of the UAE. Running from Saturday 1 Feb, to Tuesday 31 March 2020.
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Mona Al-Khaja

Emirati Artist Mona Al Khaja studied art from 1976 to 1981 at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo, where she developed a natural talent for oil and acrylic painting. Since then, the mother of 6 and grandmother also of 6 has evolved her style from realism to abstract as a way to continue expanding her journey as an artist. Her pieces are studded with Middle-Eastern motifs and Islamic patterns and can be distinguished by her signature use of bold colors. Balancing her time as a full-time artist, wife, mother and a grand-mother has been challenging for Mona, but she hopes that her work will be appreciated by art lovers and inspire other Emirati women to pursue their passions and creativity.

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