Guided by Gaia

A Visual Exploration of a Scientific Hypothesis and our Contribution to the 2014 Art Season, Sikka Art Fair and UAE Green Festival by Lynette Ten Krooden and Daragh Muldowney On Saturday 15th of March The exhibition will continue until 28th of April

The Gaia Hypothesis, also known as Gaia Theory or Gaia Principle proposes that Earth is itself a self regulating complex organism that has the ability to interact with other organic and inorganic substances to maintain and repair itself in optimum condition in order to harbour life.

Man is arrogant enough to see himself as the pinnacle of life on earth and as such has a responsibility to work with Gaia to keep this little blue dot alive and in great shape. If man fails this obligation Gaia will simply remove him.

Lynette ten Krooden

My training as an artist and an archeologist has given me a total fascination with the earth, its formations and the ever changing eco systems. Systems that are often influenced by mankind , but hopefully never completely destroyed or altered by him.  Gaia will always rejuvenate herself…she has time and millions of years experience on her side. We are a mere tiny blib on a tiny dot in the vast universe, after we have left, Gaia will still be restoring  herself.

I always say that we need a compass on our arm not a watch because we cannot do anything about the universal systems of Time and Space. We are only visitors here, Gaia tolerates us, nurtures us and gives us the wonderful opportunity to experience her micro and macro cosmos.

In this show, Guided by Gaia I will be presenting paintings on old damaged recycled vinyl records, discs with both sides painted and presented on acrylic stands. This will be accompanied by paintings of my signature gold leaf, sand and oil technique. The work will focus on the elements of our world, earth and moon, water and stone etc. I will again visit the endless photographs  and notes which I have been gathering over 30 years of documenting and looking at the landscape, while travelling like a modern-day nomad form South Africa to the deserts of the north and  the water landscapes of the south . All the while Guided by Gaia

Daragh Muldowney

Long before I picked up a camera I have felt my eyes being ‘Guided by Gaia’. I have always found a sense of belonging to and connected with nature. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to step into nature’s majesty and be immediately present. I believe there is healing in this process.

If we take a walk on a beach, up a mountain or in a forest there is a feel good emotion that we all get to some degree or another. I believe if we focus on this feeling, meditate on it, we can heighten the moment to a point where it can become a form of therapy.

For me it is the small, all too often overlooked detail that can bring the deepest healing. It is at these moments of pure connection while I stare into beauty that I find I can create my strongest work.

So, armed with a camera I set out to capture my connections with and love of the natural world. I am attracted by sensual lines, vibrant colours, purity and simplicity. My aim is to present imagery that induces a feeling of peace and calm within the viewer, a sense of awe at and responsibility for the world we live in.

Captured Moments

Trevor Waugh loves the UAE.
He has been exploring it’s landscape and cultural traditions for many moons and has really got “under the skin” of its visual narrative. We love working with him  and can guarantee that your visit to this stunning exhibition will reward you with an indulgence of Captured Moments
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Dancing in the Wind and Playing with Fire


Please Join us for the opening day of

Dancing in the Wind


Playing with Fire

a Joint Exhibition of

Photography by Diane Aftimos


Ceramics by Celia Potoudis Macpherson

on Saturday 11th of January

10.00am – 6.00pm

The Exhibition will continue until Tuesday 11th of February.

The Majlis Gallery, The first Fine Art Gallery the UAE, is situated in

The Al Fahedi Historic Neighbourhood in Bur Dubai

near The Museum and The Rulers Court

Please forward this invitation to your contacts and friends



Black Cloth & Bronze -30th November to 2nd January 2014

Nov2013 Black Cloth&Bronze

Festive Fair – 23rd November to 31st December


To Celebrate the Festive Season we have gleaned the world for unusual and unique hand made gifts for every pocket

Indigo from India, Towels from Turkey, Soaps From Dubai, Jewellery from Kenya, Table ware from South Africa, Ceramics From England, Glassware from Morrocco, Linen from the UAE, Spices from the Souk, Baskets from Bali and much much more.

We have some pieces still in stock from the recent Good Words and Wordly Goods exhibition

We also have new work from Astrid Harrison Mohammed Masri and Karel Zijlstra

British Polo Day and The Majlis Gallery

The Majlis Gallery is delighted to be a part of British Polo Day.
Astrid Harrisson’s photography work was selected to be be shown at several high profile events taking place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The story of British Polo Day is an inspiring call to action by two young friends, keen to ensure that Britain projects its values and identity in an increasingly overcrowded international space. Olver and Hudson were inspired by all the incredible celebratory events in London during 2011 and 2012 from the Royal wedding, The Queens Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, rolling out British Polo Days around the world with the goal of opening doors and building a network of diplomatic and commercial opportunities to showcase great British brands.

The aim of a British Polo Day is to continue the tradition of playing high quality polo against friends in host countries, while also acting as a platform for British businesses in emerging markets, giving them intravenous access to the global elite. “British Polo Days are like global lilly pads, stepping stones into other markets. The project initially began in The UAE in 2009, with the UK launch taking place in July 2011. The event was held at Watership Down estate, the home and private polo ground of Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber, with players and an audience that included HRH Prince Henry of Wales and HRH Prince Rashid of Jordan. Since then, British Polo Day has taken place in China, Singapore, Mexico, India, Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, France Germany and with Russia, Brazil, USA and Australia planned in the next 12 months.
Each event features British polo players from some of Britain’s leading institutions competing against teams from the host country. Since the end of 2011, the British side has fielded teams and players from Eton, Harrow, Oxford, Cambridge and The British Army who compete head to head with local and international teams. British Polo Day has recognised that the horse is an international language, a tool of communication and can effectively bridge two cultures through a shared understanding and appreciation . Similarly British Polo Day has recognised fashion and art to be two equally effective bridging tools with the countries elites. British Polo Day has hosted 12 royal families and over 10,000 global elites in the last 12 months and celebrated British identity with galas on The Great Wall of China and parties on the top of Rajhastani Palaces as well as raising over £250,000 for Charity.The founders are committed to servicing The British Luxury Sector as they become a trusted source for purchasing decisions by international elites.


Come and see us at Design Days Dubai 2013

We are on Stand G 29 with fabulous display of  glass work by Jonathan Andersson , an installation of ceramic vases by Peter Collis , several outstanding examples of work by Mustafa Ali.

A limited edition of  3  Antelope chairs by Race Furniture  in special colours for Design Days Dubai 2013 are also on the stand. [Read more…]

Design Days – 18th/19th/20th/21st March 2013

The Majlis Gallery will be participating in Design Days 2013 from 18th – 21st March at the Design Days Pavillion, Downtown Dubai.

Featuring specially commissioned works by renowned Syrian Sculptor Mustafa Ali, celebrated ceramicist Peter Collis and  the entirely innovative glassmaker Jonothan Andersson.


DD strip.001








Also showing Limited Edition chairs by RACE  furniture.